About Us

We are native Texans, living in North Texas. My late wife and I have two children that are our pride and joy. Having been around a variety of animals all of my life, raising cows, horse, pigs, American Pointers and English Setters, it was a natural progression to become a professional breeder. It was our children who led us to the Maltese dog, due to their allergies. The Maltese dog is a wonderful complement to a family that has allergy issues.
We owe our success to many many breeders that went before us and molded the look of the dog that we breed today, that short, square body with large expressive eyes, a baby doll face, and sweet nature. Our first champions and breeding stock were Marcris and Hi Lite. We also have little darlings with Wildweir, Chelsea Nimar, Mayfair, Kajimanor, Caromaya, Master Showcase, Keolis, Fantasyland, and Cedarwood Championship breeding.
We believe that the best way to purchase a dog is directly from a professional breeder, ensuring that you obtain a dog that is both sound in mind, body, and spirit. The pet purchase is no less important than the show purchase; both will be a part of your family for many years to come. At Gumwood Maltese, we always want to ensure that you receive the best quality dog.
We strive not to over vaccinate our Maltese, or to use harsh chemicals. We are always looking for ways to be "more green." I prefer the organic approach to keep our yard flea and tick free so that we don't need to use any flea control on our Maltese. I am always reading and researching about holistic vet care and ways to help our dogs live long healthy lives.
We do not raise any of the mixed breed designer doggies. My response to people seeking a cross bred dog (which is what a designer pup is) is to adopt one from your local shelter. Our goal is to provide a very healthy puppy to you from AKC registered DNA Certified Championship dogs. We never have dogs from any of the other registries.
You are welcome to visit in our home and see our AKC Maltese, or we can ship the pup from DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth International) Airport. Call me or use the Contact Page provided within this website. I would be happy to visit with you about your wants, needs, and goals as you make a decision about your next Maltese puppy. We are also here for you after that new Maltese pup goes home; we are glad to help with advice and tips on the transition. All puppies are socialized and started on litterbox training in our home in Texas, after being bred and weaned. 
The noted English geneticist, Dr. E. Fitch Daglish, says: "In breeding we can only get in a litter the qualities which are put into it through the parents, so that it is unreasonable to expect to produce top-class puppies unless care is taken when arranging a mating that all the qualities we wish to obtain are represented genetically in one or other of the parents; the ideal being that both the sire and dam shall possess as many of the characteristics desired as possible."